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Whole Sale Beef Suppliers

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Our Cattle are born and raised in the field where they roam stress free and graze every day. This gives them the opportunity to choose the natural balanced diet they require to grow and develop from calves to full grown cattle. The meat of Grass-fed cattle is top quality with high amounts of Omega 3, fatty acids, and Antioxidants like Vitamin E.


Our grass-fed cattle are finished off in a feedlot for 130 days prior to slaughter. While cattle are in feedlots, the animals are fed a carefully balanced controlled diet that usually includes corn, forage and the necessary minerals and vitamins. They receive good care and have access to clean water.


Being grain-fed for a period of time helps improve meat quality and provides a more tender and juicy product for consumers. Due to their diet, grain-fed beef tends to have whiter colored fat and typically has more marbling. The marbling is responsible for a richer, sweeter taste, a juicy, tender texture and is used when grading the quality of beef.

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